A healthy and vital body is naturally energetic. The natural state of our minds is to be calm and centered. When we are not feeling energetic and centered, we are out of balance. Usually this is due to stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, dehydration, and basically no or little self care. Most of my life choices are based on how I feel. I love feeling energetic and alive! When I lost my health and vitality, I began the search for how we can create or recover our energy. I became a Nutritionist, because I love food and believe in its healing power. Luckily I was taught much about food, gardening, preparing, appreciating and valuing it, from my mother and grandmother. I was fortunate to be given this headstart.

Yoga drew me to its study. At the time I sought balance so that I could extend my sport, running. It worked. Little did I know that Yoga would lead me into its beautiful magical depths from Asana to Samadhi. I am so grateful to all my  many, amazing , illuminated teachers who blew on that little flicker of light within. I humbly bow before you all.

Meditation was a choice I made when suffering from insomnia after my divorce. Sometimes the most amazing good comes from what we perceive is bad, or wrong, or awful. It honed my undisciplined and wild mind into the path to non-reaction. My heart into the energy of love.

This journey has made me believe in the power and wisdom of our bodies and of our souls. When we quiet and listen, deeply listen to our bodies we begin to tune in to its wisdom. This is what I teach clients. Once you begin to listen, a new relationship develops and deepens. Once that happens, Love grows. When you love yourself, truly, you will value you and you will care for you. When you consistently care for you, your spirit lifts and energy returns.



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